Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

Carbon footprint

There are many actions that we take to help reduce our carbon footprint and our effect on this planet, firstly by striving to use local companies – many of our products come from Yorkshire as this is where we are based, we also believe that these offer you a high level of quality for your gifts.

Whilst our local deliveries are done by our own local service, for deliveries outside of East Yorkshire. We rely on a standard courier network to deliver our parcels, to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. In the long run we plan to replace all our vehicles with electric vehicles were possible

We also, where possible, encourage our corporate customers who are to have all products delivered to one central location, instead of being delivered to multiple locations.


First and foremost, our warehouse team who handle deliveries and orders are committed to recycling as much as they possibly can. Recycling runs deep within our business ethos both in Splendid Hampers and also within Rafters. We are working to replace as much plastic as possible with biodegradable packaging.

The outer cardboard packaging AND any inner cardboard packaging is recyclable.

The beautiful wicker baskets that we used in our premium range are made of sustainable materials, allowing them to be reused time and time again.

Withing our store we have plenty of measures in place to make sure we reduce our food waste. We also do not sell plastic bags, instead opting for the sale of our own range of reusable hessian bags that are not only more spacious, and longer lasting, but much more beneficial for the planet on a whole.


Alongside our plans to replace our local delivery vans with electrical vehicles, we have also fitted our shop with 10kw solar panels, which offset the energy our shop uses.



Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to be advocates of Driffield Town Councils shop local initiative. We are also key players in the ‘buy local’ movement. Our products come from quality suppliers as local to us as possible.


We are proud supporters of Driffield Food Bank, making regular donations to ensure that those less fortunate in our local area have access to quality, fresh foods. We also make sure were possible that anything we have left over is donated to the appropriate place to make an effort to give back to our community, that have given us so much.