The Sewerby Green Hamper


This is one for the coffee lovers, focusing on the stunning Three Riding’s A Mouses Tale, which takes its name from the shape we aim to see when properly extracting espresso. It's our house-roast espresso blend that's handcrafted in Yorkshire and features coffees from three different origins, each of which is roasted separately, then post blended.

This creates a finished product that both highlights and compliments the unique flavours from each varietal. The blend consists of a Brazil, a Vietnam (natural) Robusta, and an Ethiopia (fully washed) Yirgacheffe Konga.

Pairing these coffees together creates a well-balanced, full-bodied cup boasting tastes of chocolate, stone fruit, and nuts

You’ll also receive a selection of accompanying snacks including a stunning Botham’s Landlord Fruit Cake, some Tooty Fruity Chocolate Brazil’s, the beautiful Anna’s Original Ginger Thins, Luxury Tiffin Biscuits from Traybakes and Raydale’s quality Breakfast Marmalade. Gift wrapped in a gorgeous splendid hampers gift box.

Hamper contents

Anna Original - Ginger thins 150g

Botham's Landlord Fruit Cake 440g

Raydale preserves - Breakfast Marmalade 227g

Three Ridings Coffee - A Mouse's Tail Coffee

Tooty Fruity - Deluxe Almonds

Traybakes - Luxury Tiffin Biscuit


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